My name is Rachel.

I am a chef, skateboarder, artist, and   photographer.

I live in sunny California.



I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley where I attended school at the Culinary Arts Insititute at Mission College.  Amidst my schooling, I embraced a full life of skateboarding. I began traveling the world and competing in skateboard races and found myself atop many podiums, and securing international rankings.  All the while, taking inspirations from skating and traveling, I painted on anything I could- skateboards, helmets, wood, etc.  All my skateboarding gear became an artist's trademark as I always made sure to have my gear stand out with my personal artistic flare.  Through all my travels, past and ongoing, my camera is at my side.  I love to capture the natural beauty of the world through landscapes. Of course, the awesome thrill of skateboarding photography came with the territory too. 

Now, with a degree and life moving onward, I am working towards my culinary progression.  I am constantly in my own kitchen writing and working on recipes while I figure out the next step in the culinary world post-covid19. 

These days I am skating as much as I possibly can while maintaining other active hobbies like running, hiking, and yoga.  

Photography and Art are always a huge love of mine, with projects coming and going as inspiration strikes. 

I welcome you into my world :)


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